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Kids gardening! If you missed part one, you can see it here

kids gardening

Edible garden

It can be a great idea to encourage kids gardening by helping them to grow vegetables as part of their “patch”. They can help to contribute to growing their own food. Either way, get them involved in understanding how becoming more self-sufficient can be such a great idea. Cost of living, carbon footprints, food shortages are all important things to learn. Try to link it back to the kitchen too. Encourage healthy eating by involving them in menu planning and fun meal ideas. Also, if they’ve grown it themselves, they’re way more likely to try it!

bird table

Make your garden enticing to visit

Encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors! Make your garden that bit more exciting to be in. You could build a pond, or just buy a simple paddling pool. There are so many easy ways to make green space more engaging. A bird feeder, outdoor games such as boules and child-friendly garden furniture all go a long way to keeping kids interested. This is great for you too, as you can all spend time outdoors together.

kids gardening bug hotel

Nurturing nature

As well as introducing a bird table, encourage kids to observe even more nature by creating your very own “Bug Hotel”. All you need is some wood, built up with compost and garden waste. Then just leave it in the corner of your garden and spot what creepy crawlies emerge over time! You can turn that into a project in itself; the kids can research what they have found, name them, take pictures and make drawings.  If they’re anything like my boys, they’ll be super interested in all these things.

Food and gardening

You can also link it back to sustainability. Work out what foods in the kitchen are compostable to help your bug hotel to grow! I don’t personally have one of these yet but a local park to us has one, and they’ve even made a wooden “Bug Hotel” sign which is really cool and my kids love it.

So, there are our ideas for getting kids gardening. If you love plants and gardening, but can’t stand the maintenance side of looking after your outdoor space, you could consider looking at a ColourFence.

ColourFence is the perfect solution for your garden both aesthetically (it comes in a range of colours and styles!) and practically. ColourFence is guaranteed for 25 years and is built to withstand gusts of up to 130mph, too. It’s one less thing to worry about during the winter months, meaning you can spend more time with your kids, doing what you really enjoy in your garden!

Til’ next week!

Moira & Jo

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