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Getting kids gardening

Getting kids gardening has so many benefits. Most kids love the outdoors, and many aren’t bothered about the weather, either.  They are usually happy to run around in the rain, playing and getting muddy (at least in my experience as a Mum of three boys!). It’s a great way for kids to expend energy and get fresh air.  Time away from devices (for the older kids at least!) is beneficial, too.  The garden is a great place for families to spend time together, away from other distractions and at one with nature. The garden is one of my top spots for my kids to spend time. I can keep an eye on them and all within the safe confines of where we live.

kids muddy feet

Mud and mischief

Getting kids to spend more time outdoors can become a battle as they get older! I’m sure most of us have been there. With pressures such as online gaming and the internet, it can be hard to convince a child to get outside. This is one of the key reasons why it’s a great idea to get kids gardening from as early as when they can walk!  The more ingrained the activity is, the more enjoyable experiences doing it, the more likely they are to continue doing it to some degree or another.

There are so many new things to learn

Garden activities for kids can be super educational. We know that children learn through play, particularly at a very young age. They’re receptive to absorbing everything around them like a sponge! This is why gardening is particularly good for inquisitive young minds.

There’s so much to learn about gardens and nature – as well as the important skills of patience, team work, and even responsibility.  Getting kids gardening by doing little things like giving them their very own plant to look after can work wonders. Allow them to invest in their activity, even if it means dirty knees and the odd bramble scrape. Gardening can quickly become a real interest and a hobby to be taken into adulthood. It’s a hobby where there’s always more to learn.   

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Healthy Does it

Gardening can be quite physically demanding and help keep you fit! And, did you know, that some soil properties actually enhance serotonin levels. It’s official – gardening actually makes us happy! Garden activities for kids are a great way to introduce to them to the joys of being outside and how that can give a boost to their mental health, as well as their physical health.

Space to Grow

When gardening with kids, my first tip would be to give kids their own “space to grow”. Growing plants can also inspire a sense of competition between siblings too. Why not challenge them whose sunflower can grow the tallest, who can grow the most chilies etc. That said, it’s a good idea to encourage kids to plant particular things in their spaces. Good plants for kids are radish seeds, particularly for younger kids to grab and hold (just make sure little ones don’t ingest!) and herbs like lemon balm or mint which give an extra sensory dimension with their scents.

So, there’s our ideas for getting kids gardening. If you love plants and gardening, but can’t stand the maintenance side of looking after your outdoor space, you could consider looking at a ColourFence.

ColourFence is the perfect solution for your garden both aesthetically (it comes in a range of colours and styles!) and practically. ColourFence is guaranteed for 25 years and is built to withstand gusts of up to 130mph, too. It’s one less thing to worry about during the winter months, meaning you can spend more time with your kids, doing what you really enjoy in your garden!

Join us next week for part two!

Moira & Jo

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