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Bees have an important role: pollinating the plants we grow. They are key to the food we grow and helping to keep the natural balance of the environment. Whatever type of outdoor space or garden you have, you can encourage them to visit and thrive!

Sweet as nectar

An easy way to attract our buzzy friends is to choose flowers rich in pollen and nectar – perennial plants, but also flowering shrubs and trees too. Your local garden centre can give you advice on this.

bees love flowers

A bee home within a garden

You could consider constructing a bug hotel or a bee nest within your garden. Often doable with basic supplies, you can do this yourself and provide a palace for your bumbling visitors!

bug hotel

Easy on the weeding

Don’t get too caught up in making your garden look perfect. Dandelions, for example, are great for bees! They are often the first flower nourishment they get in the year. So relax a little more in your outdoor space and embrace a more cottage-garden look – the bees will thank you for it!

dandelion weeds are food for bees

Become a bee’s best friend

If you see a bee in your garden on the ground, not moving much, you can help. Place a water/sugar solution (half and half) on a teaspoon near the bee, and they should be revived before long.

Encouraging other wildlife in your garden

There are so many ways to encourage other wildlife in your garden, too. Did you know, for example that ColourFence steel fencing, is hedgehog friendly? ColourFence is secure and strong enough to keep your pets in, whilst also allowing wildlife to flourish.

One of the simplest ways to attract bees to visit your garden is by growing flowers rich in pollen and nectar – perennial plants are great, but don’t discount flowering annuals, shrubs and trees, too.

We hope you enjoyed learning about how to be a friend to the bees. Check back next week for more home and garden tips!

Moira & Jo

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