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Here at ColourFence we get questions from conscientious cat owners regularly asking if ColourFence is the best fence for cats. If you want to keep cats in or out of your garden, how does ColourFence fare?

 If you have pets, one of your primary concerns when choosing your perfect garden fence, might be around security and safety. Read on for guidance on how ColourFence can help keep your own cats safe and if need be, neighbourhood cats out.

the best fence for cats
One of our feline customers!

ColourFence is the best fence for cats!

In general, ColourFence is one of the most animal-friendly options due to its firm foundations and storm-resistant properties. We replace many a wooden fence that has blown down, suffered rotten or broken panels in bad weather. Wood by nature is very susceptible to losing its integrity over time and it doesn’t take much force for it to give way.  


More importantly for many, ColourFence helps to keep your pets within the boundaries of your property when it is installed all the way around your garden perimeter with no gaps.

This applies more often than not to dogs too, but is particularly pertinent for cat owners. Any cat-owner will know how they like to go off on adventures! A curious kitty can easily cause lots of worry for their family leading them to wonder what is the best fence for cats.

No fence is completely “cat proof”. However, you can purchase an overhanging addition to the fence to avoid them jumping over from independent suppliers. These are said to be very effective and meaning you can let your cat out in to the garden without having to worry they might escape. If feline safety is your number one priority, this creates an ideal secure border for your garden. Combined with a ColourFence this could be the best fence for cats.

cats and fences
We love meeting our customer’s kitties

The secret’s in the height

The higher the fence, the less the chance of your cat escaping. When they try to scale high obstacles, cats will use their claws as a way to grip the surface and pull themselves up. With ColourFence this is impossible due to being made of metal. So, in order to get to the top from ground level, they have to be able to jump the distance in one fluid movement. For a young or nimble cat this may still be possible. But an older or disabled cat will probably have trouble achieving this. Therefore, when thinking about the best fence for cats, we need to consider the vertical.

Do however be mindful of the ladder effect. Removing any objects close to your ColourFence that could be used as an interim step to get to the top would be prudent. Common garden items that could act as steps to the top include wheelie bins, water butts, garden benches and even potentially pergolas.

Gaps in wooden fences

Best fence for cats = Taller is better

ColourFence can be up to 2.1m tall without the need for planning permission in most areas. This is taller than many traditional wooden fences and much stronger due to its build. This immediately makes it a more favourable option.

Sometimes we get questions about how practical it is for cats to walk across the top. Whilst cats CAN walk across the top (squirrels, too!) it’s definitely harder for them to get up to the top. However, should they jump down from a tree or example, there is enough width for them to be able to walk across. Flat cap tops would help in this regard, but most adult cats could walk over our ball caps, too.

cats and ColourFence
Another ColourFence customer cat!

The wanderer returns

However, if you’re worried about your cat not being able to get back in the garden, you can always request for us to install a cat flap or an enlarged hedgehog highway.

Cat flaps and hedgehog highways in ColourFence

Yes, that’s right, cat flaps are not just for back doors, they’re for ColourFences, too. They’re also handy for hedgehogs, which many of us have a soft spot for.  With hedgehogs declining in the UK, this is a great way to help them move from garden to garden in search of food and water.

Simply request more information from your ColourFence representative and they will be able to advise you on your options.

ColourFence cats
Just some of our cats at ColourFence

We love all animals!

Whilst most people ask us about cats and dogs when it comes to ColourFence safety, we like to think that we’re a pretty animal-friendly product all round. We believe that metal fencing is by far the best fence for cats and other animals, too. We often lots of useful gardening, animal and nature tips in our blogs.

Did you know that you can attach bird-feeders to your ColourFence too? It’s a great way to make your fence look even more visually appealing, and nature-friendly.

Colourfence and cats
And a few more of our cats

Share your stories

If you’ve got any great pictures of your pets or other nature in your garden, send us the pictures via our social media channels. We’d love to see them!

Until next week!

Moira & Jo

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