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Degraded concrete fence posts

Concrete fence posts are fairly popular. If you look around your neighbourhood, chances are you’ll see some wooden fences with concrete posts. If you like or don’t mind the juxtaposition of concrete and wood, you may feel that concrete fence posts are the solution to a strong, wind-resistant fence.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Concrete fence posts can come with a number of problems that may mean having to replace them sooner than you might like.

The thought of replacing an existing fence posts and panels with a more expensive alternative isn’t a particularly appealing option, but actually choosing a ColourFence metal fence is a very economical choice.

metal garden fencing with no concrete fence posts

Why Metal Fence posts are just Better

ColourFence is a modular system of fence building. It replaces all of the elements of a traditional wooden fence i.e. posts and panels. The whole system is made of high-tensile, specially-coated steel. It has been specially designed to be resilient to all weathers and unlike concrete fence posts, or wooden ones, will not rot, warp or degrade over time. For a “fit and forget” fence you can rely on, it’s metal all the way.

What’s up with Wood?

Well, we know that wood can rot, and even it appears to be surviving the elements, it can be getting thinner and more brittle over time. Putting a wooden post into the (moist) ground can cause it to rot from the bottom up. These posts can then even then break if pressure is applied to them by a storm or even a big bush growing against it.

storm damaged wooden fence

Therefore, it needs to be painted or treated around every two years. More frequently as it ages.

However, even if that seems like no bother to you, and you’re happy to give up a day on a weekend or during your annual leave, it’s still not as cost-effective. By the time you factor in the cost of the materials over the fence’s lifetime, there is actually very little or no difference in the cost in the long term. Our studies of wooden fence competitors, with both wooden posts and concrete posts, show that the cost works out about the same over twelve years. In some cases, with the rising cost of timber, it’s actually cheaper to opt for a ColourFence. Have a look at our study graph below:

Wooden fence versus metal fence costs

So How about Concrete Fence Posts?

This can be overcome by using concrete fence posts.  These are cast with a wire armature inside to give them strength. As concrete is porous, this wire can rust and weaken the post. You’ve probably seen a crumbling concrete fence post.  In time they collapse and can take down additional panels and posts as well. Not to mention be a health and safety risk to adults, children and pets alike. A falling concrete post can pose a significant risk if someone was unlucky enough to be nearby.

why concrete fence posts are no good
The concrete fence posts we removed were porous and tilting

Steel all the Way

By replacing the whole fence with ColourFence you actually get fence posts as part of each panel. Our metal fence panels are specifically engineered to fit perfectly with our metal fence posts and together, provide a stronger structure.   ColourFence is guaranteed not to warp, peel or break for 25 years. It is wind-resistant with gusts up to 130 miles per hour. No other fencing solution, including concrete fence posts, or indeed panels,  can claim that.

no concrete fence posts in ColourFence

Fit and Forget!

Did you know that a ColourFence panel is wider than the wooden one it is replacing? Our panels are 2.35 metres wide (approximately 7.7 feet) and so you need fewer panels than with a wooden fence.  Our fence posts are dug deep into the ground as per our construction regulations, creating a strong, resilient frame to fix the metal panels to.

So time to put the paintbrushes away, and invest in a fence that lasts. Your future self will thank you for it.

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