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With the days slowly getting longer, we’re on our way to spring. Many of us will now be thinking about our gardens. According to Pinterest, there’s a new big trend on the way and it’s called Rainscaping. If these predictions are correct, it will be particularly boomers and Gen Xers that will pioneer this trend.

What is Rainscaping?

Rainscaping is another word for rain harvesting, or the conservation of natural rainwater. Pinterest predicts that sustainability will be an even bigger topic in 2023 and with the water shortages we experienced last year, it’s easy to see why.

“Hotter drier summers and less predictable rainfall as a result of climate change will lead to increased drought risk and possible water shortages in the UK.”

Sir James Bevan, Environment Agency

What are your Rainscaping options?

Water Butts For Rainscaping

Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, you can get involved with rainscaping. A water butt or rain barrel is a convenient option for many people. You can leave the lid off and allow it to collect rainwater during the winter months or you can join it to your downpipe. By allowing water to flow down from your roof into your water butt, you can store water without concerns about it evaporating quickly when the weather warms up again. Water butts tend to come with a convenient tap to access the water and can be a quick and convenient way to fill your watering can or even to attach a hose pipe.

Water Butt
Rain Chains For Rainscaping

Rain chains can be a great garden tool and also add an aesthetically pleasing aspect, too. They are vertical containers joined to a chain that can be fixed to the side of buildings or garden structures as a way to collect rainwater and divert it away from the home. They can make a gentle noise which can be quite soothing. Rainscaping just got pretty and relaxing!

Rain chains

What About Your ColourFence?

ColourFence is the strongest and most low-maintenance fence on the domestic market today. All it requires is an occasional wash down. For those who like to do this with their hose pipe, a water butt would be a perfect tool. Simply attach your hose to the tap on your water butt and let gravity do the rest. However, if you prefer, a simple damp cloth will do the job, too. Either way, it’s a simple task leaving you more time to enjoy your garden!

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