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Home security might be something we’re all aware of, but how many of us think about the best way to keep our homes extra secure when we’re away on holiday? Coming home to find you’ve been burgled can be devastating. In 83.5% of all incidents (attempted and where entry was gained), victims reported feeling emotionally affected*. Then there’s the damage where the perpetrator entered and the loss of any items they steal. Add on the mess they leave in their wake and all in all, it’s not a pleasant experience.

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So what can we do as homeowners to avoid being burgled when we’re sunning ourselves in foreign climes? Read on for essential tips on keeping your home secure when you’re on holiday:

Secure windows and doors

You need to lock all windows (and doors), even those which are upstairs. It’s just extra peace of mind.

If you have bolts or additional security such as a door chain on your front door too, consider leaving through your back or side door when you go on holiday. You might be grateful for this extra home security measure.

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Make it look like someone is home

Get a lift to the airport or take a taxi and leave your car at home.  Invest in a couple of timer switches for lamps and set them to come on in the evening. You can even get light boxes that mimic the flashing of a television. A little added investment for the sake of home security.

Keep a record of important items

If you have specific items listed on your home insurance or any item of high value, it’s useful to take pictures. This means, should the worst happen, you have a record for your insurance claim.

Also, consider locking away or at least hiding items of higher value so they’re not on display. Important items to hide include cash, jewelry, mobile devices and anything sentimental.

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Don’t advertise on social media!

So many people post-holiday pictures on the daily when they’re away. Posting online that you’re away is a big home security no-no. You need to check with your insurance, but some claims can be invalid if you’ve advertised the fact you’re away.

Even if your profiles are private, there are so many ways to see what people have posted online. Or, if you must at least try to keep it ambiguous and save the big photo drop for when you’re back.

Ask a friend

…. Or a neighbour to keep an eye on your property for you. Even if you don’t give them a key, get them to check your gate, car, post box, etc. It’s peace of mind for you – and also means that if anyone was watching the house, it would look like someone was around. When it comes to home security, it’s prudent to make a trusted person aware to keep an eye on your home.

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No deliveries, please

If you’re placing any orders, make sure they don’t coincide with your holiday. Some delivery companies will just leave parcels on your step or recycling bins, which is both an invitation to pinch them and also a bit of a giveaway that you’re away. Make sure you cancel newspapers, milk and any subscription deliveries. Most will allow you to put them on pause at no cost.

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Not forgetting the garden

Remember to secure any sheds and garages before you go, and put away any items which could be taken if someone got into the garden e.g. expensive patio furniture, parasols etc. If you can, make sure your gate has a padlock on it too.

Of course, there’s no planning for inclement weather whilst you’re away, meaning a fallen fence could expose your garden and property. You could always invest in a ColourFence, which is guaranteed for 25 years, meaning a more secure home, and garden, for a lot longer than just one summer holiday.

ColourFence also offers sheds, and gates, too, for more high-security options for your garden!

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it, check back again soon for our next blog post!

Jo & Moira

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*National Crime Survey

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