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stretch out your summer holidays

Summer holidays! How we loved them as kids. They seemed to go on forever. Now as adults, they seem to fly by. How to make the most of your Summer Holidays is a hot topic, literally! With warmer climes for most of us this year already, those of us who have chosen not to battle the airport chaos can benefit from better staycations than ever.

Whether you’ve got kids and are taking an extended summer holiday, or just have the odd week booked off work to relax and unwind, here are our top tips!

Plan your day

That means your daily chores won’t impact on that precious outdoor time! It’s too easy when staycationing to let everyday tasks take over, but not if you allow yourself to make the most of your summer holiday time off. Get the bigger jobs done the weekend before. If you have the means, now would be a good time to get a professional one-off clean done on your home.

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summer foods

Get stocked up on summer foods

Warmer weather means you can eat outdoors more, with less need for cooking, unless it’s a BBQ! Try cold meats, salad bowls, simple sandwiches and fresh fruit for garden-ready snacking. Ice lollies in the freezer are always a winner, too.

Invest in a speaker

You don’t have to have it on full volume, but whether it’s a podcast, music for the kids, or your own choice of radio station, having something enjoyable to listen to will help you make the most! There’s nothing quite like your favourite music to lift your mood and get you in the summer holiday vibe.

Summer holidays = Don’t forget your sun cream!

It even smells like summer! There’s no point making the most of your summer holidays if you end up with sunburn.  Cover up or apply a high-factor sunscreen. This is especially important over the midday to two o’clock period when the sun is highest in the sky. Your skin will thank you for it.

garden ready for summer holidays

Get your garden ready BEFORE your summer holidays

If relaxation is your goal then you don’t want to be pruning and weeding on your precious time-off. You wouldn’t be doing that abroad, so get prepped in advance. Mow the lawn the week before and give the garden a good watering with feed. Getting the garden furniture dusted off is also a must. If you own a barbeque, now is a good time to give it a good clean.

Don’t spend time painting or repairing either. It’s great to be outdoors, but you need to chill out to make the most of your Summer Holidays. After all, summer is short and we all want to make the most of the sunny days.  If you want to save time, effort and expense every year, you could explore getting a ColourFence.  Opt for this very low-maintenance choice that keeps your garden private and secure. That’s one less thing to think about!

Happy Summer everybody!

Moira & Jo 

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