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extremely disorganised shed

A shed can often become an eyesore within the garden and used as a dumping ground for all sorts of garden bits and bobs. Here are our top tips for maximising your shed space, whatever the size and type:

mobile cart storage
  • Consider keeping a mobile cart inside your shed, with your most utilised items in. You could use one of those ones people take to the beach, or even build your own with existing materials. You can then pull it out every time you need those items, saving yourself time and effort.
tool storage for shed organisation
  • Consider using a pegboard organiser – it’s an old-school, but effective method of storage along the walls. Similarly, install shelving or similar as high as possible (within reach) in the shed. This will save on floor space.
  • You can use buckets or similar, with labels on to keep seasonal items in such as children’s toys, BBQ bits, and accessories for the garden furniture such as blankets. It’s also worth putting any garden furniture pillows and cushions into bags to minimise damage to them when they’re not being used.
wire shelving for shed storage
  • Wire shelving is another good option particularly because it doesn’t warp or rot like traditional wooden shelving.  It can be easier to spot what you need on wire shelves, too.
  • If you’re considering getting a new shed, a windowless one might seem harsh, but actually it’s better for protecting items inside. A windowless shed avoids trapping sunlight and overheating.
  • For a shed that’s both windowless, and won’t rot or warp like its wooden counterparts, consider upgrading to a ColourShed. These 6 x 8 ft sheds will not only help make your garden more aesthetically pleasing, but you’ll also “want” to keep them tidy inside!

So there we have it, lots of tips for maximising your shed storage space. Let us know if on our social channels if you try any of these.

‘Til next week!

Moira & Jo

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