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Ponds: we love them. Whether it be the sea or your local lake or canal. But how about simply in the garden at home? The idea of creating a pond might seem an impractical idea. What with all that digging, lining, hours spent filling with water…it’s an awful lot of work.  But wouldn’t it be lovely to hear that gentle trickle of water when you’re sitting outside enjoying the warm afternoons? We think so too! That’s why we’ve written this easy guide to creating your own mini barrel pond in six simple steps!

Step 1: Select your barrel and lining

There are numerous places now that you can buy full or half whiskey or wine barrels that are leftover from the brewing industry. These have the delightful benefit of being made of aged wood and have that rustic feel.  We like the above from Lusion . As for the lining this is optional as barrels by their nature are watertight. However, if you want to add plants or even fish, it’s a good idea to put in a plastic pond liner to prevent any chemicals from the wood leaching into your pond water. Available from any good garden centre, simply push it in staple to the sides.

Step 2: Decide your placement and fill with water

Select the spot you would like your barrel pond to go and fill it with water. Be mindful that once filled it will be difficult to move, so be sure it is where you want it before you pour.

Step 3: Create your shelving

You’ll want your plants to come through the water’s surface, so it makes sense to levitate them on raised platforms. Simple old bricks or stones will do the job. Place them in the bottom of your pond. Varying heights is good for added interest.

Step 4: Add your plants!

By purchasing water plants online or from your local garden centre, you can now bring your pond to life. Water lilies are a popular option, but there are lots of choose from. Be mindful that they will grow in time so less is more to start with. Three or four small plants should do it. Leave them in the pots for added ease and simply place on top of your brick or stone shelving.

Step 5: Add a solar-powered fountain

This is what gives you that blissful running water sound. By selecting a solar fountain, you are making your new pond more environmentally friendly, and it won’t add to your home electricity usage. Many solar fountains just float on top of your pond!

make a mini barrel pond with fish

                                            Wonderful barrel pond by reddit user Spaghetti_Me_Harder

Step 6: Optional fish

If your mini barrel pond is not complete in your mind without some fish, you can add some to your pond after a few weeks. Allow the water to settle and any chlorine to disappear. Two or three goldfish should be ok for an average half-barrel pond, just don’t forget to feed them as per the retailer’s guidelines.

So, there you have it. Your very own minimal-effort pond! May it attract wildlife and give you pleasure for years to come.

 Do let us know if you try it!

Until next week!

Jo @ ColourFence

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