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growing herbs at home

Unlike some kinds of gardening, growing herbs at home is achievable for everyone. Whether you have a vast south-facing garden or a tiny basement flat, there are herbs you can grow. They go great in many different dishes and also serve for lovely indoor or outdoor visual interest. Growing herbs can be both rewarding and can save you money. Say goodbye to shop-bought pots or pre-cut bunches in non-environmentally- friendly plastic. Growing herbs at home is easy and fun and you get to lower your carbon footprint in the process.

So where do you start? What herbs are going to be most useful? It’s best to think about what meals you cook regularly and what you enjoy eating. Coming from this viewpoint there will be less waste and you’ll reap greater rewards from your work. Here are some suggestions for the most commonly-used herbs and what foods they go best with.


growing basil herb at home

An Italian favourite! Growing basil is always going to be useful. Chop up fine and add to sauces or simply keep the leaves whole and scatter on top of pizza or pasta. Pairs beautifully with fresh mozzarella.


what goes best with oregano?

 A staple of Greek cooking and probably our writer’s favourite herb. Oregano works well in moussaka and fresh Greek salad.  Also great add to gyros.


growing rosemary at home

A very hardy and forgiving herb to grow. Will eventually become a small tree or bush so is great for larger pots. Needs little watering and can be used all year round. Also makes nice Christmas table decorations.


The one with the funny spelling. Thyme is a fantastically warming winter herb.  To add something extra special to your roast vegetables; chop and mix with rosemary and add to carrots and parsnips coated in vegetable oil and maple syrup. Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon and toss together. Cook until the veggies are slightly charred at the edges.


growing herbs like parsley

Quite easy to grow from seed in a sunny spot. Water well daily. Elevates the aesthetic of dishes when adding a sprig as a garnish. Also tasty when chopped up fine and added to a creamy white wine sauce.

Growing herbs at home can be both rewarding and frugal. No matter what your culinary tastes, there’s bound to be something you will enjoy growing. Not only can you enjoy the freshness of herbs whenever you like, but you’ll also save money at the supermarket.

Ended up with more herbs than you can use? Harvest your excess herbs and chop each finely. Pack in to ice cube trays and fill with water. Freeze your trays for an easy pop-out herb cube that can be thrown in to the pan whenever a recipe calls. For extra savvy, mix up some herbs and create “Italian seasoning” mix, or a “winter mix” with rosemary and thyme.

Do you grow herbs in your garden or perhaps on a windowsill? What are your favourites?

Until next time!

Jo @ Colourfence

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