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If you’re thinking about getting outside to plant a tree, you’re in great company.  There are several initiatives at the moment to encourage us to think about nurturing our local environment to protect the planet as a whole. There are so many benefits when we plant a tree. We’ve outlined some of the key ones here:

Wildlife will love it

plant a tree to help wildlife

This one goes without saying. Plant a tree and attract so much wildlife. From squirrels to birds to insects, they all love trees. Trees can be a valuable food source and shelter for these creatures and the decline of the number of trees is affecting them negatively.

Fresher, Cleaner Air

planting trees

Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. We literally need them to breathe and filter our air. Plant a tree and help fight pollution in your area.

Mental well-being and Community Engagement

Did you know that if you plant a tree you are helping yourself and your fellow humans fight stress? According to Earthwatch:

“Trees emit phytoncides to ward of potential threats. When we breathe these in, it reduces our cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and boosts our immune system. A 2017 study discovered that people living close to trees had better, what scientists called, ‘amygdala integrity’. This meant they had a brain structure that was better at handling stressors.”

plant a tree and help your mental well being

Improving Urban Spaces

tree lined street

Trees bring a lovely ascetic to urban spaces and provide a key contrast to the coldness of concrete and tarmac. If you plant a tree it will also do it’s bit to help prevent common modern problems like flooding. Trees can even have a positive affect on local crime rates! Bare neighborhoods tend to have higher levels of violent crime than greener ones. Studies have shown that well-maintained green spaces are associated with lower crime rates including vandalism*

It’s clear then that there are numerous benefits to planting trees. It is exciting to see initiatives to encourage schools and communities to plant more trees locally like this one from The Woodland Trust. More trees equals happier, healthier humans and wildlife and we love that.

‘Till next week!

Jo @ ColourFence

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* Crime and vandalism – challenges and practical considerations

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