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We get lots of questions about the hedgehog highway here at ColourFence! Hedgehogs are clearly loved by people all over the UK and with them being so cute, who can blame us? We are certainly becoming more and more conscious of looking after our garden wildlife.

With our hedgehog friends in mind, we have made countless hedgehog holes in our metal fences. You can even get special signs for them to remind people not to block the highway and keep the route free for our hoggy friends.

If you live in an area where you also have other wildlife visitors like badgers or foxes, we can make the highway a little bit bigger to accommodate creatures of larger sizes. Some customers have also requested them to allow cats to pass through their garden fence easily.

hedgehog highway sign

You can even buy little signs to go above your hedgehog highway like these nifty ones from NHBS . The bonus is that you will also be helping with their work in protecting the natural environment. We recommend buying two of these hedgehog highway signs, one for each side of your new ColourFence. Hopefully, your next-door neighbours will be accommodating. If you buy them in advance, your ColourFence fitters will happily attach them for you.  

As for hedgehog highway size, we can make them any size you like and to accommodate domestic pets, too. Here’s a fence highway for a pet cat that one of customers asked for. Now their cat can easily pass through without having to jump their fence. This is particularly beneficial for elderly or disabled cats.

hedgehog highway size can vary

We can put your hedgehog highway wherever you like. Just have a chat with your ColourFence fitter.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation quote for metal garden fencing click here to go through to our contact form. Your enquiry will go through to your local ColourFence team.

Until next week!

Jo @ ColourFence

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