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Snow is on its way according to The Met Office, but we’re not sure at the moment exactly where it will land or how bad it will be. Regardless of what happens this month, we are likely to get snow at some point this winter. Great news for kids (and big kids) but there’s no doubt it can bring with it some problems. Preparing for snow is vital so that you don’t get caught off guard. After all, none of us like being cold or stuck somewhere without our creature comforts. Read on for the top five things to do to prepare for snow:

preparing for snow on colourfence

Check your pipes and prevent any problems

When it comes to preparing for snow, we have to consider our homes. If you have any exposed pipes, it is a good idea to insulate them to prevent them freezing in very cold weather. Frozen pipes that then thaw too quickly can burst and cause flooding in the home. Options here include foam tubing that can easily be cut to size and wrapped around the pipe or even a DIY version for indoors by wrapping in a dry towel and securing with some duct tape. For worst-case scenarios, make sure you have the number of a local emergency plumber to hand and that everyone knows where the stoptap is.

flu jab

Get your Flu jab

Winter brings flu and it’s no joke. If you have ever been unlucky enough to catch flu you’ll know that it will send you to your bed in a fluey, achy mess. Imagine having to trudge through snow to the local shop for essential supplies like bread and milk when you’re feeling like death? That doesn’t sound like fun. Some people are eligible for a free flu jab and others will pay a reasonable fee. Pop in to your local pharmacy and talk to your pharmacist.

Stock up on batteries and candles

This one goes without saying. With snow often comes power cuts. Make sure you have enough torches for each person in the household and candles that can also help keep a single room warm until the electricity comes back on.

preparing for snow and ice on your car

Make sure your car is as snow-proof as reasonably possible

Preparing for snow is essential for all drivers.  Check the tread on your tyres to make sure it can cope with snow and sludge and is within the legal tread limit. Keep your screen wash topped up for sludgy windscreens and always make sure you have emergency supplies such as blankets, a torch and some snacks in case you’re unfortunate enough to break down in the snow.  If in doubt about the viability of driving in the snow, don’t. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Check if local buses are running or if your employer will allow you to work from home if travelling is not advised. Extra points given for a windscreen protector on your car overnight so you don’t have to spend time in the cold clearing the snow off your windscreen.  

mobile phone and power bank

Keeping your Mobile Phone alive is key when preparing for snow!

There’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere in the snow or evening dealing with a power cut at home and seeing your mobile phone battery quickly reduce. You may need to make calls to emergency services or check on friends and family during these times. Invest in a mobile power bank that you can plug in to your phone to give you some extra power when you really need it. Keep it in your car or handbag in case of emergency and always be able to make that call when you need to.

Although it can be great fun to see those snowflakes fall there’s no doubt snow can cause some real problems for us all. Keep an eye on the snow forecast from The Met Office. Preparing for snow beforehand is key to staying safe and protecting yourself and your property. We hope this article is helpful and would welcome any tips or tricks you would like to share via our Facebook page.

Until next week!

Jo @ ColourFence

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