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Do you need planning permission to build a new fence and how high can your fence be? We get this question quite a lot here at ColourFence and rightly so. It is important to keep within the regulations when it comes to adding new structures to your property. Whether it is a home office at the back of your garden, a pergola or a brand-new fence, it’s important to know what the guidelines are.

How High can a Fence be without Planning Permission?

What height do our fences come in?

Our metal fences can in theory be made to any size or height and we do indeed provide very tall fences for commercial properties. For most homeowners, a metal fence of two metres or less, with or without trellis is usually sufficient. If you have a look here, you can see our pricing guide for different heights and note that the prices include posts as well.

How High can a Fence be without Planning Permission?

Most local authorities will allow homeowners to put up a fence that is lower than two metres without requiring planning permission. This is generally thought to be an acceptable height for domestic fencing. Many of our customers opt for a fence height of 1.8 metres (5.91 feet) and many include a decorative trellis in that height. This allows for an acceptable level of privacy whilst ensuring you keep within the planning rules.

How High can a Fence be without Planning Permission?

When you need to be particularly careful

If you plan to erect a new fence in the grounds of a listed property, or you live in a conservation area, it is wise to double-check with your local authority planning department before beginning any work. Gaining planning permission upfront is far easier than applying for it retrospectively. They do have the power to force you to remove your fence if it breaks regulations. Also worth noting is that if your fence is near a public road, it may need to be shorter.

Neighbourly disputes and how to keep the peace

Unfortunately, sometimes even with the best will in the world disputes between neighbours can happen when it comes to replacing a fence with a new one. It is always best to have a friendly chat with your neighbour beforehand and let them know what your thoughts are. We can help with this by providing specs and general advice and even having a chat with your neighbour if you would like us to. Most neighbours are happy to be getting a brand new, low-maintenance border that they will never have to paint. As a kind gesture, some of our customers have even let their neighbours choose the colour and style of their new ColourFence!

How High can a Fence be without Planning Permission?

The benefits of metal fence panels

Contemporary metal fence panels offer a way to achieve a strong, low-maintenance border without the hassle of painting, treating or repairing on a regular basis. There is no need to worry when a big storm hits as a Colourfence is built robustly to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour. If you have even woken up to find your wooden fence has blown over or panels have been damaged, you will know that sinking feeling. With modern metal fences from ColourFence, you can go to bed assured that there won’t be any time-consuming repairs to do the next day.

If you are up to here, then chances are you are interested in contemporary metal fencing that lasts. To book in your free, no-obligation, site survey and quote, simply fill out our contact form and someone will come back to you for a chat about what you’re looking to achieve.

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