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wind and rain storm damage to fence

Wind and rain damage is what many homeowner fear come winter time.  Here in the UK we experience multiple storms each year, some of which are minor, others more catastrophic.  At the time of writing many thousands have been without power for over a week in certain parts of the country.

From smashed windows, to flooding to broken fences, nobody likes to be caught off-guard when a storm hits. It is prudent to prepare for potential storm damage and do what we can to keep wind and rain out of our homes and any damage kept to a minimum.  

Read on for our best tips to keep you and your property safe from wind and rain damage:

Firstly and arguably most importantly – Prepare an Emergency Kit

Create a kit that you can easily grab if you should need to suddenly evacuate your home. Items it would be useful to include are a change of clothes and footwear, basic toiletries, a small supply of any medication, a spare phone charger and details of your home insurance provider.

trampoline in high winds blown away

Secure Outside Items from Wind and Rain Damage

Trampolines and gazebos often end up in neighbour’s gardens when strong winds hit. Patio furniture can be lifted up and cause smashed windows. Wheelie bins can go wandering down the street. Make sure everything that is outside is put away or secured down. It’s better than it blowing away or suffering wind and rain damage in itself.

Trim trees and shrubbery back

Branches can be torn off trees, land on cars, or get blown against windows. Keeping them trimmed back is the best way to safeguard against this.

green ColourFence with chicken coup

Create an Emergency Weather Plan for Your Pets

What would you do with your cat or dog if you should suddenly have to evacuate because your home is damaged by wind and rain? Perhaps agree with a family member or friend that they will look after your pet if you should need it. Keep a list of local kennels and catteries if you should need their services.  Bring outside animals inside if a storm is on the way. Keep some basic notes about your pet easily to hand including feeding guidelines, medication details, and vaccination status cards from your vet.

Keep your Fence in a Good State of Repair

dodgy fence

A wonky post, a broken slat or some rotting may not be a huge issue now, but strong wind can soon make that a bigger problem. Wind and rain damage can happen quickly and dramatically. No-one likes waking up to a blown-down fence. For a fence that can withstand winds of up to 130 mph, look at ColourFence

Wind and rain damage can cause chimney collapse in extreme cases

 Move your beds away from directly underneath chimney stacks. Chimneys have been known to collapse through a roof and into the bedrooms below. It’s rare, but it has happened. If the forecast predicts a particularly bad storm on the horizon, it may be prudent to move beds to a new position.

For up-to-date information on the weather forecast and warnings of any upcoming storms see

Till next week

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