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There’s something very exciting about getting the keys to your own place, whether it’s your first home or your fourth! Knowing that you can turn this into your own little base and decorate it as you want is an exciting prospect. But something you might not initially think about is the garden and how that will impact your lifestyle, so we’ve put together a handy blog about things to keep in mind, and ways you can improve your garden, resulting in fewer garden chores for the future.

Clearing out the junk

It’s not an uncommon sight to see people who have junk in their gardens such as rubbish stacked, old items of furniture or untamed plants leaving debris on the ground, but if you’re wanting to get your garden into a good shape than those things need to be taken care of. Not only do they look less than attractive, but they will also be attracting unwanted insects, pests and bacteria. If you’ve got weeds all over your new garden then learn what those weeds are trying to tell you about the soil, if there’s old furniture in the garden then decide if you’re going to upcycle the items or give them away on a site like Gumtree. Finally, if there’s rubbish starting to take over your patch then separate it for recycling (if possible) and find out about your local council bin collection. Making these changes will already make a huge difference to your brand-new garden. If you need a hand in removing those items then ask a friend or family member, or hire a man with a van.

What base to choose for your garden

The ground of your garden might not be an important factor to you right now, but in a few years’ time, you’ll really start to notice your choice depending on what you go for! If you’ve got an all soil or grass garden then this will require mowing, de-weeding and an occasional rake over the years. If you’ve got a stone or brick floor, then a simple brush and hose down will get it looking clean but be warned as some weeds might try to make their way through the cracks! If you’ve got pebbles or stones then these will look after themselves, but they may be a little dangerous to walk on during bad weather, and they may collect dirt over time. An artificial lawn is another option, which looks fantastic but doesn’t require mowing!

How to keep your garden secure

You may wonder why you need to keep your garden secure. Well, if your garden is secure then it means your house will be more secure. Having a garden which has a short brick wall at the end or no fence at all will result in a very open garden and will welcome unwanted guests. Opting for a strong and secure fence will mean it’s much harder for someone, or something, to make their way into your space. Having a specific and secure entrance and exit to your garden will give you peace of mind by having a locked gate, but it will also provide easy access and will be practical for your lifestyle. Not only will having a secure garden prevent it from being broken into, but it will also keep little ones, and pets, within the boundary of your garden without you needing to worry every time they go out of sight.

Keeping your garden maintenance to a minimum

Creating a low maintenance garden has never been easier, long gone are the days when needing to paint your fence was an annual chore, now you can install long-lasting and durable fencing which requires no painting and has a 25-year guarantee! Not only is ColourFence a practical option, and the best general-purpose fencing on the market, it is also stylish. Complement your garden with the traditional Evergreen and Brown or brighten it with the contemporary Bluestone and/or Cream.

Along with a secure and low maintenance fence, you can look at the points listed above and decide if you’re going to go for a stone base for your garden, and what plants you’d like to include. Plants such as Quartz Rose Verbena and Purple Prince Butterfly Bush will look beautiful but don’t need much care. Who says a low maintenance garden has to look ‘low maintenance’.

Let ColourFence take care of your garden so you can sit back and do the things you want to do.

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