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The colour trends for 2022 are already showing themselves in interior décor and products for the home and garden. Retailers will be stocking new products in new hues ready for keen shoppers looking to update their abodes. Back late last year we had announcements from the likes of Dulux with their “Bright Skies” colour of the year. Pantone also came out with their Colour of the Year 2022 having much anticipation from the home and garden industries. We’re pleased to say these are lovely, consumer-friendly colours that will no doubt start showing up everywhere we look!

So what are the colour trends for 2022 and why should we care?

Let’s start with the latter and then we’ll get on to revealing the colours themselves! Colour has a lot of influence in our daily lives that perhaps most of us are largely unaware of. It can affect our mood and behaviour, how well we sleep and the general harmony of a space. Have you ever been in a particularly gaudily-decorated room and felt ill at ease? Perhaps a bright orange kitchen felt oppressing, or a black bathroom wall saw you want to do your business and get out? Have you ever tried trying to rest in a room with crazy wallpaper? We spend a lot of time in our homes and gardens so it’s worth trying to get it right. Colour can make or break a space. Did you know that Sir Issac Newton invented the Colour Wheel? There is indeed a science to colour.

colour psychology blue, green, grey, red

So what are the colour trends for 2022? In general, we look to the industry leaders for an indication of what we are about to see from retailers. Here are the major thought leader’s choices for 2022!


The masters of all things paint have emerged with Bright Skies as their Dulux Colour of the year 2022.  We love the gentle, calming hue and given that blue is the most popular favourite colour, it’s a great choice for the home.

colour trends for 2022 dulux bright skies

Pantone Colour of the Year 2022

The chief Colourhouse of the world has chosen Very Peri as their colour of the year. Look out for this in fashion, home accessories and product packaging.

pantone colour of the year 2022

Farrow and Ball

Sticking with the earthy, natural vibe, Farrow and Ball have curated five colour predictions for the new year. A mix of yellows, greens and blues with an earthy red thrown in there for good measure. We’re in love with the palette and think that these colours will be particularly popular this year. Think cushions, walls and accessories, inside and out. Perfect for a year of (probably) continued restrictions. If you can’t go on holiday, you can bring the holiday to your home and garden. It’s the next best thing. Think British seaside with a touch of Morocco!

farrow and ball colours of the year 2022

So what do you think of the colour trends for 2022? Love them or hate them? What colours can you see yourself inserting into your own space? Let us know on our Facebook post!

‘Till next time

Jo @ Colourfence

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