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Picking the perfect garden fence to accompany your garden can be difficult as there are so many different styles, designs and materials to choose from. You have to consider whether you want to secure your garden, decorate your garden, enhance your outdoor space, or achieve all of the above. Below you will find eight varieties of fencing options, all with their own benefits and disadvantages.

Whether you are looking to add character to your flower beds, secure your property, border your driveway or make your garden safer for family and pets, one of the options below is sure to tick your boxes.


Made of galvanised steel, ColourFence, metal garden fencing can withstand winds of up to 130mph and comes with a 25-year Guarantee. ColourFence comes in green, brown, blue and cream and you can have panels with or without a trellis, in the same or in a contrasting colour to really add character to your garden. With the different styles available, our metal garden fences can complement and complete any garden. This ‘fit and forget’ garden fencing needs no painting or maintaining, just a wash down once a year will keep it looking brand new. The cost of our panels can be found on our ColourFence price list.

PRO’S – ColourFence is virtually maintenance free and comes in four stylish colours with matching gates and railings. You can also cut our metal garden fence panels to fit any style and sized garden. Also with its robust design, our metal garden fences can withstand winds up to 130mph and has a 25-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind all year round.

CON’S – ColourFence isn’t suitable for DIY installation and it must be fitted by an accredited Franchisee, except under certain circumstances. You also can’t use ColourFence with any existing posts as these need to be replaced with stronger ColourFence posts that are guaranteed not to rot or weaken.


Weave Fencing

Weave fencing is one of the oldest styles of fencing. It is still possible to weave your own fence, but if you are looking for something quick and easy we would suggest you buy the already woven panels that you can get in most garden or fencing shops. You can get this fence panel in wood or PVC. These types of fence panels are great for separating your garden and hiding any less appealing parts of your garden you may have, like bins or storage areas. It can also be a great way to add creativity to your garden. It is one of the cheaper options as Weave fence panels start at around £20 to £30 per 6×3 panel, these prices can increase depending on the height and width of the panel. You should also take note, other names for weave fencing are; willow fencing, hazel hurdles or a willow screen, so when you are searching for further information you may come across these descriptions instead.

PRO’S – It’s an attractive option for back and front gardens. It’s a low maintenance option if you purchase the PVC fence. Great for separating certain parts of your garden and hiding unattractive parts of your garden such as bins or compost areas.

CON’S – The wood version requires a lot of maintenance. Weave fencing also has a shorter lifespan than other garden fencing options available. The PVC version can turn brittle and crack in certain weather and although this is an attractive option it is unlikely to keep large pets away from certain parts of your garden.


Timber Picket Fencing

Picket fence panels can be used in your back and front garden, they can either be used to separate your space or create a boundary. Picket fencing comes in Wood and PVC and if bought in wood can be painted to suit your style. So, whether you use them to border your plant beds, complete your front garden or add creativity to your driveway, this affordable fence option could be for you!  It is an affordable option as the starting price is around £20 per panel depending on the height and width required.

PRO’S – Timber picket fencing is aesthetically pleasing and can be painted to suit your own preferences, they are ideal for front gardens and great for setting boundaries. Given the design of picket, fencing light is still able to get through and help your plants grow.

CON’S – Made from wood, therefore, requires a lot of maintenance. Given the material and design of this fencing, it won’t keep all pets at bay. It’s not ideal for security and can be costly if you are having to replace it due to damage by the weather or pets etc.


Closeboard Fencing

One of the most traditional fence panels seen in many gardens across the UK. Closeboard fencing offers privacy and a solid boundary to your property. As many Closeboard panels are timber, you can get a variety of shades but mainly in the colour brown, you can paint them to match the design of your garden though. You can get a 6×6 pack of 5 Closeboard panels in B&Q for just over £200, which makes each panel about £40. Many people can get concerned when buying a wooden fence as there can be a lot of maintenance linked to the material. There are plenty of treatments available to help maintain your fence all year round.  You should also take note that another name for Closeboard fencing is feather edge fencing.

PRO’S – Closeboard garden fencing is popular because it suits most gardens and provides full privacy. It’s great for owners with large pets and can be fixed in-between existing walls.

CON’S- Can be costly if the product is not robust enough to withhold strong winds and general wear and tear. It requires a lot of maintenance to be kept in a good condition since wood will start to rot and crack if not maintained properly. Finally, it’s not good for letting all day sunlight into your garden as there are no gaps in the design of the wood.


Palisade Fencing

Palisade garden fencing is built for full security of your home but without the full coverage. Normally made from metal or PVC, palisade fencing is designed to secure your home and give you peace of mind. Prices start at around £30 per meter and can increase considerably depending on the type and design you choose to go for. If you are looking for permanent security, then this type of fencing may be perfect for you.

PRO’S- This is a very good option for security and will keep any pet secure. It’s low maintenance and because of the gapped design, it’s less likely to get damaged by high winds of weather in general.

CON’S- Palisade fencing doesn’t offer full coverage, therefore it’s not really ideal for privacy. There are different types of this fencing but they tend to be used for large plots of land or industrial purposes, making them less aesthetically pleasing.

Jaktop Fence Panels

Jaktop fencing is also known as a cross, diamond, lattice or grid fencing and can be very decorative for your front or back garden. Many people get them as you can train climbing plants to grow within the fence and make a lovely addition to any garden. They are the popular alternative to picket fencing and can also be bought as an addition to an already standing fence. As they are not used for security, many people buy them as a creative addition. The fence panels are priced very reasonably and start at around £50 per panel.

PRO’S- This type of garden fencing tends to be very easy on the eye and a great addition to a garden with an enthusiastic gardener. The smaller panels are also great for separating parts of your garden. This style is also a decorative option for your garden.

CON’S- Depending on the shape and style you choose, if the gaps are reasonably large they won’t keep small or pets enclosed. There is maintenance required to keep the wood from warping or rotting.  This particular design and style won’t give you privacy or full coverage of your garden.

Venetian Panels

Venetian panels are a modern type of fencing. They allow you to have privacy and security, while still allowing light through the horizontal gaps. Venetian panels are great for the back garden and the smaller panels can help you keep your privacy on a veranda or porch. You can purchase Venetian panels for around £50 -£120 per panel. They come in an array of sizes to suit your needs. You can also paint the wood colour to suit the style of your garden. Venetian fence panels designed to create a contemporary, clean look and feel to any garden. A benefit of these types of panels is that you can be-spoke these panels by choosing with some suppliers on how big a gap you want, depending on what shadow effect you want to create and how much light you want.

PRO’S- This design of panel will give your garden a modern and clean look. There are bespoke options available allowing you to match your own preferences. They are great for front and back gardens. The panels can be painted to match your colour choice and they are great for privacy and security.

CON’S – As the material is wood there is a lot of maintenance required to keep the panels looking newer for longer. The sharp design of the vertical slats can create a dramatic effect in your garden, which is not everyone’s ideal look for their outdoor space.


Hit and Miss Fence Panels

These panels are a contemporary option for your garden and can be bought in most garden centres. The horizontal and vertical back and front design makes for an appealing fencing option. The horizontal boards also add structure to your garden boundaries. Offering full coverage for your garden, the Hit and Miss fence panels provide privacy and security with the 6ft options. Hit and Miss fence panels are also pressure treated, giving you a longer guarantee even though it is still timber. You can get a range of heights and widths and prices start at around £60 – £80.

PRO’S- A very popular option as these types of panels create a modern look and can make your garden look clean and tidy. These panels are pressure treated with chemicals to stop the natural decay of wood. This is an ideal option for a back garden as the design of the wood allows you to have full coverage and privacy. The higher panels are suitable for gardens with pets.

CON’S – Maintenance still required on these panels even though they are pressure treated. These panels don’t allow all day natural light into your garden given the design. They are also particularly difficult to dispose of due to the wood being pressure treated with chemicals.


The idea of getting a new garden fence may seem daunting. You’ve seen all these adverts on TV, online, in catalogues and all you seem to be reading is the same stuff over and over again. You may be scared you are going to pick the wrong design for your home because there are just so many different elements to think about. The style, colour, size, coverage…then the other most important question of them all… how much is this new garden fence going to cost me?! Well, it can be costly if you don’t get the correct material for your needs the first time around. If the fence isn’t strong, durable and low maintenance then the annual repairs are going to be somewhat time-consuming and an extra bother when all you want to do in the summer months is enjoy your garden. So, we hope by reading the few options listed above, it has helped you to envisage the perfect garden fence. Whether it be wood, PVC, plastic or steel; full coverage, part coverage or decorative, we are sure with the right option your front and back garden will be looking picture perfect in no time and you can sit back and relax in the summer sunshine! Do the things YOU want to do this summer.


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