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In recent years it has become apparent that the bee population is declining, leading us to look for ways we can help the bees. In the UK we rely on bees to pollinate up to 70 different types of crops. Bees are crucial, not only to nature but for our very survival. In times past, bees would polinate up to 70% of our crops. Now it’s more like 34% according to The Soil Assocation. This means a much greater cost to farmers who have to engage methods to manually pollinate crops, costing an eye-watering amount of money which will inevitably be passed on to us as the consumer.  Pesticides, the reduction of wildflower meadows and the building upon green areas are all culprits for the declining bee population.

So what can we do to help the bees bounce back? Well the good news is that there is plenty we can do at home to help give the bees a boost!

Plant these in your garden

Source: Hannah Rosengren

Make a Bee Hotel

Friends of the Earth have put together a handy guide on how to make your own bee hotel to help the bees in your area.

making your own bee hotel to help the bees

Bee bombs

A handy bag of wildflower seeds already put together for you. You can even get ones in memory of a loved one, as a gift, or even wedding favours.

help the bees

Treat tired bee friends to a homemade sugar and water solution

Simply mix some granulated white sugar with a little water and dribble it next to a resting bee. This will help the bees get the boost they need to fly off and find some flowers.

Helping bees is something we can all do. Do let us know if you try any of the above and if you get bee visitors to your garden.

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