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Give Your Garden a New Look With ColourFence

By 18 November 2016February 14th, 2023No Comments

ColourFence is a durable, secure, high-quality fencing product – and it’s also beautiful. These coloured garden fences are made from Zincalume steel. They can be complemented by garden gates, deadbolts and secure locks. You can also get gorgeous trellis sections in contrasting or matching colours. They don’t need staining or painting and are guaranteed to look incredible for 25 years. The standard width of a ColourFence section is 8ft rather than the more standard 6ft panels, and ColourFence can also be installed at your preferred height, 5ft, 6ft, or even 7ft with the appropriate permissions.

ColourFence comes in four beautiful colours; for four different looks.

Classic: Green Fencing

Green is one of our most popular fence colours. Our green fences are made from the same tough yet beautiful material all our fencing enjoys. They can stand out or blend in as you would like; require very little maintenance and look very appealing. Our green fencing can be classic or contemporary, depending on your garden and the look you want. They can be paired with matching or contrasting trellis sections, posts and infills.

Homey: Brown Fencing

Brown fencing has a warm, homey appeal. It comes in all sizes up to 2.1m, and can be enhanced with a new, secure fence gate in the same material. You can accessorise your brown fencing with trellis top sections – they can look especially charming in a soft cream, wound through with dusty pink roses or a strong, evergreen climber. It’s one of the more traditional fencing styles and the second most popular of our fencing colours. Blends perfectly in a cosy cottage garden.

Contemporary: Blue Fencing

A more contemporary look, blue fences take a classic hue into an unusual setting for a gorgeous juxtaposition. The gentle Prussian tint ensures that the colour is not jarring in a traditional garden. Yet this modern fencing colour is a refreshing change in a world of typical, dull wooden fences. And, unlike cheap external paints or stains, this colour fencing won’t run or fade. They offer the same high quality of all ColourFence steel fences and look incredible in minimalist, new build gardens.

Cosy: Cream Fencing 

Cream is a warm, cosy garden fence colour, perfect for the English countryside. Cream garden fences can be mixed and matched with posts and infills, as well as a secure new gate, or fence top trellis. As you can see, it looks fantastic paired with green or brown. When building a fence, our franchisees will put your tastes and directions at the top of their consideration. You may be concerned about the upkeep of cream fences. But like all our coloured fencing, it just needs an occasional hose down to look good.

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