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As the nights draw in, burglars become more opportunistic and take advantage of the early darkness. Burglaries are likely to increase by around 20% this time of year.

To remind us all to survey our home security this Autumn, October is Home Security Month. This includes your garden. Tools, statues and plants in gardens are often worth thousands, and the average value of stolen goods is £850. But we don’t secure them in the same way we would an iPad or television. Your garden is also your first line of defence against would be thieves who are targeting your home.

Weird Things People Steal

We wrote before about how 50% of dog thefts occur from your garden. More obvious targets include expensive electronics such as mowers and gardening tools (which can be used to break into homes). Bicycles, ornaments and furniture are also commonly taken. Then it can get weird. People have had decorative barrels, swimming pool pumps, and plants stolen by opportunists. Potted plants, hanging baskets, and even planted shrubs have been swiped and sold on. The problem has become so severe in some places that public places such as Anglesey Abbey have begun security tagging their snowdrops.

Choose the Right Secure Garden Fencing

It’s obvious that a short, cheap, weatherbeaten lap fence made from softwood won’t deter thieves very much. It can be harder to figure out what will keep undesirables away. Well, secure garden fencing will help. ColourFence is an excellent candidate. The surface is smoother, making it harder for burglars to get a foothold and climb into your garden. The material (zincalume) is tough, so it can’t be easily damaged or destroyed; and it isn’t susceptible to fire the same way wooden alternatives are. A trellis top can provide extra security; especially threaded with thorny climbers such as roses.

Choose the Right Gate

ColourFence also produce high quality, secure gates, which are made from a combination of Colorbond steel and high-quality pre-galvanised powder coated square tube. The gates come in a variety of sizes and lengths and can come with a range of locks, handles and drop bolts. They share the qualities of ColourFence fencing; they are extremely low maintenance and very durable. They are also weather resistant, and wind resistant up to 130 MPH – another important quality in October and the coming winter.

Tweaking Your Garden For Security

You can plant spiky shrubs next to your fence to deter people from climbing over the fence. This may seem harsh if you are being invaded by next door’s kids, but a thief may well see this and decide to look for easier prospects. Other ways to frighten them away include light and noise. Noise in particular can be your friend. You can try anything from a gravel driveway to a professional alarm. With light, you can try dusk to dawn security lighting or motion sensor lamps, which can startle people away and make your garden seem like too much trouble.

General Tips

  • Keep your bins away from your gates / fences
  • Microchip your pets
  • Use land anchors to secure your plant pots
  • Invest in good, weatherproof padlocks for sheds and gates
  • Use a bike lock as well as locking your shed
  • Check your insurance covers your more expensive items.
  • Keep bushes trimmed back.
  • Make sure ladders are locked away.

For secure fencing which has a 25-year guarantee, get in touch.

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