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fairy in the garden with flower

When I was about six years old I could swear I had seen an actual fairy in the garden. I was walking down our crazy-paving path (remember those?) and she was standing on our rockery amongst some orange flowers, catching some summer rays. She had pretty auburn hair and was wearing an upside-down daffodil head as a skirt.  I only saw her for a moment before she disappeared, but so convinced was I, that I ran inside at ninety miles an hour to tell my parents!

“I just saw a fairy in the garden!”

You can imagine my parent’s reaction, can’t you? My memory echoes of giggles and words like “that’s nice sweetheart” and “go and see if she’s still there”.  

I am so thankful to have had my childhood before the internet

As a kid in the 80’s I spent my time outside with the neighbourhood kids. Either in one of our gardens or playing in the local fields or woods. We’d climb trees, make mud pies and “perfume” from flowers. I was always outdoors and always dirty when I came home. Which was when the streetlights came on, of course.

little boy playing outside in field

These days, as we all know, it’s a little different. Kids spend way more time indoors and many often don’t go out without their parents.  There are many more cars on the road and increased risk in the intent of strangers. Many would argue that children now grow up much quicker than we did. With all the dangers out there and children spending much more time indoors with adults, is it any wonder? Some of the magic of childhood has arguably been lost.

child watching tv alone

I wonder whether we can find ways to bring a little of that magic back? So more kids can see fairies in their garden! Whilst it may no longer be safe to let kids run free around the neighbourhood unsupervised, there are still outside activities that we can do with them to inspire their imaginations. Painting rocks can be fun. Or perhaps making chalk drawings on the patio (don’t worry, the rain will wash it off!). Or why not encourage your local fairies into your garden by making them their very own habitat! It’s a perfect half-term or weekend activity to inspire young imaginations and maybe get them outside in the garden a little more in the hope of spotting a visitor!   

fairy garden

Until next week. I’m off fairy-spotting!

Jo @ Colourfence  

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