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Sick of old, lifeless furniture taking up valuable space around your home? Why not transform these into beautiful treasures for your garden and create accessories that can tell a story? Everyone has an old piece of furniture that they simply can not part with so here are a few starting points on how to up-cycle that old, unwanted garden furniture!

Old Wooden Pallets

Now, these wooden pallets can be a pain to dispose of, so we have a few ideas on how you can use them to your advantage. Why not create vintage centrepieces for your patio or even a modern-day picnic table for the grandchildren? Create stunning vintage couches from the pallet themselves and set up mini garden parties – simply add a few cushions and patterned throws and your garden will be fit for a summer gathering.

Old Tyres

Old car tyres hey, we know they can be used for fitness equipment but have you ever thought instead of just shoving old tyres on a pile behind the shed, that you could actually be using them to add a burst of life to your garden? All they need is a little TLC, a splash of paint and a few budding flowers – easy! They can be used as hanging baskets, plant pots, modified swings or seats surrounding the patio (just add a circular cushion on top so that you don’t fall through the hole –  obviously!).  You could even get the grandchildren involved by letting them help paint a few.

Upcycle Your Old Bed Posts

So you’ve had a massive re-decorate of your bedroom and treated yourself to a brand new king sized bed and are now you’re left with old bed posts taking up space in your shed. This calls for one thing – upcycling! Ever thought of painting them and using them as ornaments?! We hadn’t either! Check out this stunning, vintage butterfly made from an old bedpost. Paint it whatever colour you like and hang it on a brick wall or on your garden fence. Cheap and super, super cheerful!

Old Kitchen Chairs

Everyone has those old, spare chairs lying around the house with ironing just piling up on top of them. Why not put these to good use and transform your old wooden chairs into stunning, unique plant pots? Sand the chairs down, give them a lick of paint and you’re basically there! These will not only add character to your garden but they will also save you a trip to the skip – bonus.

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