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Perfect for those summer barbeques, decking can be designed to fit any garden big or small, making it clean and tidy with a sleek, modern look. You can customise with a different colour like deep red, silver grey or black but remember to treat it and clean it to prevent the wood decaying or getting too slippery.


Fencing may seem boring but is an essential part of your garden, providing privacy, security and a boundary for your garden. A fence is a big purchase, so it can be tempting to go with a cheap option but consider the maintenance required to ensure you have time to enjoy your garden. The right fence will bring texture, structure and appeal to your garden plus there are a range of colour and style options around now, so you don’t have to be stuck with a plain boring fence.


Ponds can be a lovely addition, they attract wildlife garden and create a sense of calmness and serenity. For the gardener up for a challenge, aquatic plants are considered one of the hardest forms of gardening and flourish in spring and summer, so get planting in time for the bloom! Worried about safety? There are a range of options from super strong netting to grids that sit just below the water that mean everyone can enjoy the garden safely.

Water features

Not up for a full-on pond? A water feature is another option, chose one from your local garden centre or you could design your own but they are a lovely focal point for any garden. Starting at under £50 for small solar powered designs, there is a water feature out there for every budget and every garden.

Custom flower beds

For the more creative gardener, different shapes and designs for flower beds bring a creative edge to your garden. Create a Tudor style garden with geometric shapes or a cottage garden with softer shapes and bursts of colour. You can create paths or sections; the only limit is your imagination and how long you want to dig for! Don’t forget to consider the heights of plants when you arrange them, you want glorious technicolour, not shrinking violets!

Climbing plants

These majestic plants come in many different forms and colours. A personal favourite is the fragrant and colourful Sweet Pea. Climbing plants need training and a good support structure, but whether you choose pots, trellis or walls, they will be a definite boost to your garden!


Not for everyone, but a distinct way to personalise your patch. Whether you go traditional or modern, tall or small, person or animal. There are plenty of options to consider when buying a statue, but to stick with a theme is a good idea. If you are looking to bring a fantasy feel to your garden, then a fairy or gnome is a good idea. whether you go for ceramic animals or stone Buddhas, a sculpture will become a talking point with any visitor.


Essential if you want to enjoy your garden into the evening, lighting can be installed in many ways. It is generally best to stick with softer lights to highlight key features, think fairy lights on a tree or coloured spotlights under bushes.  Always buy lights rated for outdoor use and solar power is a good option to avoid having to hardwire to a power supply.

Swinging furniture

Why not supplement the patio set with a hanging chair, seat or hammock, perfect for relaxing in the sun, reading a book? Forget the floral sofa-style pieces that graced our gardens in the 80s, there are some gorgeous pieces available in different styles and materials, you will be sure to find something to match your garden this spring. Remember to invest in a cover as well for when the winter comes.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Perfect for entertaining and outdoor living, outdoor fireplaces are essential for the modern garden. Anything goes, from traditional fireplaces to fire pits, built-in barbeques to wood-fired ovens, go through your address book, prepare the guest list and get ready to enjoy those long summer evenings coming our way.

If you are looking to replace your garden fence or gate before the warmer weather hits, please contact ColourFence today!

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