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The Best Alternative to Wood Garden Fencing

By 9 June 2016February 14th, 2023No Comments

ColourFence. An innovative metal fencing product, ‘ColourFence’ is made from Colorbond™ pre-painted steel. It comes in four colours, green, cream, brown and blue, with optional trellis toppers and gates available. ColourFence is a better alternative to traditional wooden fencing. More durable, more secure, more eco-friendly and much lower maintenance, it simply makes more sense whichever way you look at it.

What Makes it Better?


It’s more Durable

ColourFence is extremely durable. Steel fencing made from Colorbond steel originated in Australia but is now manufactured here in the UK. It is designed to withstand extreme climate conditions, it comes with a 25 year guarantee and can withstand gusts up to 130 MPH. It is not subject to the same issues as wooden fencing; it will not rot, warp or peel.


It’s Virtually Maintenance Free


ColourFence is virtually maintenance free. All the fence requires is an occasional hose down, to keep it looking as good as new. In contrast a wooden fence requires regular, thorough scrubbing and cleaning (often with a power washer), plus annual painting or sealing with chemicals that can be dangerous for children and pets. On top of that, the fence will probably need partial or total replacement within about ten years.


It’s More Secure


Infills are securely locked into the post and rails as a deterrent to intruders, and a full range of lockable gates is available. It comes in heights up to 2.1m, (subject to planning) and panels are smooth meaning it is difficult to climb and there are no easily removed slats for intruders to exploit.


It is Fitted by Experts


ColourFence is supplied and fitted by a network of fully trained and licensed Franchisees. All ColourFence franchisees offer site surveys and free no-obligation quotes to ensure you get exactly the fence you want at an all-inclusive price with no hidden extras.


View A time lapse of how a ColourFence is erected below:


It’s Eco-Friendly


ColourFence is 100% recyclable and requires no toxic chemicals to maintain. ColourFence operate on the basis of an ongoing commitment to sustainability, as do Bluescope Steel, the manufacturers of Colorbond steel. They actively work on reducing waste and preventing pollution, as well as the principles of re-use, reduce and recycle.


Extra: Matching Gates


Our secure and durable gates come in two styles; either ColourFence, or ColourRail.

The standard ColourFence gates are manufactured from a combination of Colorbond steel and high-quality pre-galvanised powder coated square tube. They come in a range of standard widths, in a lattice or standard top, and can be accessorised with locks, handles and drop bolts to suit your needs.

ColourRail gates are made from heavy-duty tubular steel and are ideal for situations where full screening is not required. They are available in a loop, loop and spear, spear, or flat top finish with non-standard heights and widths being made to order at a small additional charge. These gates come in the 4 standard ColourFence colours, plus gloss black.


If you’re after a fence that’s built to last, please contact us today!

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