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Halloween is approaching which means its time to start decorating the house and garden with spooky items! These lollipop spiders are not just an easy decoration to make, but they’re also a treat for those trick or treaters!

Items Needed

• Lollipops
• Black Pipe cleaners
• Googly Eyes
• PVC/Prit-Stick Glue


1. Take your lollipop and place it in the centre of four pipe cleaners (pictured above)

2. Wrap one side of the pipe cleaners 180 degrees across the stick of the lollipop (step two pictured above)

3. Now wrap the other side 180 degrees so that the lollipop is secured in place. You should have 4 pipe cleaner ends each side of the lollipop (pictured in the final step above)

4. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners (about 1/2 cm at a 90-degree angle) these will make the pipe cleaners look more ‘leg like’.

5. Once your lollipop spider has their legs in place, it’s time to add some googly eyes! Put some glue on the centre section (where the pipe cleaners cross) and stick on the eyes! (see photos below)

6. Let the glue dry, and then place your lollipop spiders around your home or garden for a scary treat!

We placed our lollipop spiders on our ColourFence and added some fake cobwebs too! We would love to see pictures of your lollipop spiders if you make any, please do share them with us on social media if so – you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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