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Strawberries are a wonderfully British fruit which can be enjoyed in many ways; on their own, with a dollop of cream on a scone, covered in chocolate, or maybe even with some yoghurt… The possibilities are endless! Which is why learning how to grow your own strawberries would be a useful, and delicious, early autumn activity… It is the best time to plant them too according to Sainsbury’s!

Image supplied by Sainsbury’s Bank – Money Matters

  1. Using the biggest window box or plant pot you can for your windowsill, add a layer of gravel or pebbles to the bottom, around 3cm deep. This helps with drainage. Make sure that the box is fully secured to the windowsill.
  2. Fill your box or plant pots with compost so that it sits around 4cm below the top for seeds and 5cm for plants. Pack the compost and press down on it lightly. The compost should be slightly moist but not wet.
  3. Spread the seeds out evenly along the edges of your box or pot. Place the plants around 1.5cm away from the edge of the box or pots. Ideally, strawberry plants are placed 35-40cm apart in a plant box or one per pot.
  4. Top up the compost so it’s roughly 3cm from the top of the box or pot. Firm up the soil around each plant as you spread it out.
  5. Water new plants and seeds frequently. Water from the bottom to prevent rotting the crown and the fruit.

We hope you found this guide on how to grow your own strawberries useful! If you give it a try then we would love to see some photos of your strawberry plants!

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