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If you’re looking for ways to get into the spirit of Halloween then we have some great suggestions! In this article, we will show you how to make your own bats using plastic spoons and a few other bits & bobs. This is a fun (and easy) way to get the kids or grandkids to unleash their creativity, so let’s get started!

Items Needed

• Plastic Spoons
• Kids Paint
• Googly Eyes
• Black Card
• PVC/Prit-stick Glue
• Paintbrush
• Scissors
• Black Felt Pen

Click here for our wing templates


1. Take your plastic spoon and paint the back of it with your chosen colour (We opted for black, orange and green). If you mix some PVC glue with your paint it will coat better onto the plastic.

2. Once you’ve painted your spoons put them in a safe area to dry – away from any children or pets. Depending on the paint it could take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to try completely.

3. While the spoons are drying, you’ll need to make some bat wings. We’ve made a template for this so you can download them or draw your own. If you use the template then all you need to do is print it out on white paper, then either colour it in or put the paper on top of the black card and use that as a template to cut around. We also have a pre-filled in bat wings template if you would like to print it straight out.

4. Next, stick on your googly eyes on the spoon (see our photo below for reference). Be careful not to get the glue all over your hands as it can make it difficult when handling the spoon.

5. You can now stick your bat to the wings, do this by applying a layer of glue to the centre of the wings. Then press the handle of the spoon firmly in position. Let it dry for a few minutes. If the glue isn’t sticking then try a thin strip of double sided sticky tape.

6. This next stage is a little fiddly – and not essential – but it will complete the look! Cut out two very small triangles from the black card/paper and stick them to the underneath of the spoon, pointing outwards (see photo below). These create the ears of the bat.

7. The final step is to take your black felt pen and draw two triangles under your bat’s eyes to make his fangs. (This works best with coloured spoons as a pose to the black painted spoons)

Now you should have a homemade bat which is ready to guard your home for Halloween! We stuck ours on a cream ColourFence using blu-tack! If you try making your own spoon bat then please do share your photos with us! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. If you’d like to make some more themed decorations then view our other Halloween blogs.

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