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This year, we’re going all out with DIY decorations! We’ve made lollipop spiders, spoon bats, and now we’re going to teach you how to make some lollipop ghosts! This decoration is very easy to make, and suitable for all ages (with the supervision of an adult).

Items Needed
• Lollipops
• Googly Eyes
• White napkins
• PVC/Prit-Stick Glue
• Black felt pen
• Small elastic bands

1. Unfold your napkin and place it on a flat surface.

2. Place your lollipop in the centre of your napkin, as pictured above.

3. With both hands, wrap the napkin around the lollipop and secure it with an elastic band, placed just underneath the lolly.

4. Get your glue and put some on the back of two googly eyes and place them firmly on the lolly – above the mouth. If you don’t have googly eyes then just draw them on with your felt-tip pen.

5. Using a felt-tip pen, draw a mouth on your ghost. It could be a smiley mouth, a shocked mouth, or a scary mouth – try a few different ones if you’re making a few of these.

6. Now your ghost lollipop is almost complete, you just need to spread out the napkin at the bottom to make them look more ‘ghost’ like and as if they are floating.

If you decide to make these lollipop ghosts then please do share some photos with us as we would love to see! You can find us on Facebook & Twitter!

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