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 1.     Instant Container Garden

A simple option – essentially you buy a selection of pots with pre grown plants or seedlings in pots. This is a great way to get an instant kitchen garden, or some seasonal colour for your garden. Containers can also be a lot easier to keep weed free, and their slight elevation makes them easier for older or less mobile gardeners. Not least, pots can be utterly beautiful. You can choose traditional terracotta, half barrel containers, contemporary fibreglass or antique marble. For a more unique look, move the plants into more unconventional planters, such as vintage crates, belfast sinks, woven baskets or even wellington boots!

2.     Solar Lighting
Garden Fence Panels

You can buy lanterns, lamps or strings of solar lights at low prices, pretty much everywhere. They charge themselves up, eliminating the need for mains electricity in your garden and making them very cost effective. They are also a safe, eco friendly way to decorate your garden, and super quick to install. Solar lights can turn a summer garden into a holiday cabana, or a winter garden into an enchanting wonderland. They’re the perfect party decoration – affordable, replaceable and gorgeous. Blue lights are perfect for winter, while orange tones are ideal for summer. Neutrals are a good all round choice.

3.     A New Fence

A new fence is a lovely way to spruce up your garden, and if chosen correctly can boost the value of your home. Nowadays you can get low maintenance, high quality fences in different colours, crafted in durable steel for longevity. You can also enhance your fence with a decorative yet durable trellis in matching or contrasting colours.For a beautiful natural look you can thread climbing plants through the trellis, and flowering shrubs in containers will look great with the clean lines of the fence as a backdrop. You can also use decals or stick on butterflies to enhance the way the fence looks for special occasions.

4.     Install Border Edging

Landscape edging is a crisp, clean barrier between your lawn and soil areas. It is a great way to neaten your garden, give it a pop of colour, and eliminate the need to ever get the strimmer out again.It also gives your lawns a professional ‘finished’ look; not to mention keeping mulch on bare soil and gravel in it’s proper place. It reduces the need to reshape grassed areas and to sweep patios and paths that can otherwise end up covered in earth.

5.     Water Feature

Water features are a beautiful way to decorate your garden. They can range from a simple bird bath all the way up to artificial waterfalls.  The sound of bubbling water is beautifully calming. Features come in a variety of costs and are generally low maintenance. They attract creatures to your local eco-system and can provide animals and birds with a safe source of drinking water. From a decorative point of view, they can serve as melodic statues or a point of interest for your garden.


How do you make your garden beautiful?

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