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So it’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to your Autumn garden, on September 23rd to be exact. This is the Autumn Equinox when it’s harvest time for farmers and “tidy-up the garden” time for the rest of us. There’s a few jobs to be done to prepare your autumn garden for winter and it’s best to do it now before it gets too cold and wet. Winter is coming, but we still have a little bit of Autumn to enjoy before we get there. Read on for 7 key jobs to get done before we batten down the hatches. Your garden will thank you for it!

1. Remove or cut back any dead or overgrown plants

in the autumn to give them a head start come spring.  

man cutting back tree in autumn garden

2. Start a compost bin with all your dead autumn garden

leaves and twigs. See our guide here on how to

create your own compost heap! It’s best to do this before

heavy rains make the job messier.

Autumn compost heap

3. Clear out gutters and water butts ready for the winter

rain. Dead autumn garden leaves can create havoc in

heavy rain so best to do it now before the storms start.

Man clearing out autumn garden leaves from gutter

4. Plant any winter veggies in your autumn garden such as

broccoli and garlic or bulbs for early spring flowering

like daffodils, tulips, crocuses and alliums. Who doesn’t

love the first peek of crocuses to signify warmer weather is on the way?!

5. Clear any debris from hedgehog highways or make sure

they have a way through hedges or fences. It’s easy to make your Autumn garden hedgehog-friendly. Now is the time

when our hoggy friends are fattening up for winter hibernation

so you may also want to create a feeding spot for them.

Hedgehogs can eat some kinds of dog or cat food

(not fishy varieties) or alternatively you can buy specific

hedgehog food from brands like Spike’s  

Autumn hedgehog in leaves

6. An Autumn garden need mulching to prevent weeds and

keep roots warm over winter. Options include straw,

bark or specially bought mulch in bags from your

local garden centre.

wooden bark mulch

7. Cut the grass for the last time in October  – not too short, to prevent frost damage to your lawn. Garden lawns

shouldn’t grow much after this and will stay neat until spring.

Good luck and enjoy the fresh air!

Until next week!

Jo @ Colourfence

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