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The benefits of mint go far beyond adding some extra flavour to your lamb roast or a refreshing drink, mint aids digestion, relieves headaches and research has shown that mint can also prevent certain kinds of cancers. This little plant is a lot more powerful than it looks, and it’s also very easy to grow, so why not plant some on your windowsill so it’s ready whenever you want to have this flavoursome herb.

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To grow your own mint, you’ll need;

  • A box, plant pot or container of your choice – with drainage holes.
  • Potting compost.
  • Gravel or pebbles.
  • Mint seeds or mint plants.
  • A fork or trowel.
  • Plant saucers or anything that will catch excess water.


  1. Preparing your container – Fill your box, pot or container of choice with compost. Try and fill compost to a depth of roughly 25cm before planting. Use a garden fork or trowel to loosen and mix the soil.
  2. Planting your mint – If you can, plant them 40cm apart. If you’re using a small pot or container, use one plant per pot.
  3. Where to place your plant – Mint plants love the sun but they also like a bit of shade. Place it so that it gets both sun and shade.
  4. Watering your mint – Your mint plant prefers moist soil. Keep it well-watered but don’t overdo it. Place plant saucers beneath to catch excess water.
  5. Harvesting your mint – Mint is a very fast growing herb. Pick the leaves at any time by pinching off stems, or to harvest whole stems cut them roughly 3cm from the top of the soil. To make things more fun, why not grow a plant each and see which grows the quickest?

We hope you found this guide on how to grow your own mint useful! If you give it a try then we would love to see some photos of your mint plants!

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