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avoid killing a houseplant with regular watering

It’s surprisingly easy to kill a houseplant. We’ve all done it. Bought a lovely new plant on a whim and brought it home feeling proud of ourselves for introducing some greenery into the house. Only for it die a slow death and end up in the bin a few weeks or months later. It’s frustrating and we can end up feeling that we have just wasted our money.

Unlike garden plants, our indoor leafy friends need a little more attention. They don’t have natural rain to quench their thirst or lots of sunshine to help them photosynthesize.  Think of your new plant of a small, somewhat green, child, but a little less demanding! You won’t have to take it to school or help it do its homework, but you do need to feed it once in a while. Some say they also like you to talk to them, but we’re sticking with the basics for this one! Read on for six easy tips for how not to kill a houseplant and even helping it to thrive:

  • Put it somewhere you will see it

There’s no good putting your plant on the window of the downstairs loo if you rarely go in there. It will just get forgotten about. Make sure it’s somewhere that’s easily accessible and has decent sunlight. Kitchen windowsills are a good option. Or in the middle of the kitchen table. Just make sure it is in a high-traffic room.

looking after a houseplant
  • Make watering part of your routine

Connect it with something you do anyway. If your plant is in the bathroom, tell yourself you’ll water it a little every time you take a bath. If it’s on the kitchen windowsill, every time you load the dishwasher. Or give the job to one of the kids in return for extra pocket money. They’ll soon remind you!

  • Don’t put it near a heat source or drafty spot

The quickest way to kill a houseplant is to put it near a heat source. Keep your plant away from radiators, active fireplaces or particularly drafty windows.

  • Feed it occasionally

Buy a feed suitable for houseplants and put a reminder in your digital calendar to feed your plant once a month. If using an outdoor plant feed, use half of what the instructions recommend.

how not to kill a houseplant
  • Check for pests when you water

Cheeky insects might get inside from outdoors and set up home on your houseplant. Don’t ignore them. If it’s just one or two you can carefully remove them and put them in the garden. If you have a more severe infestation, it’s best to get some treatment solution for them like this one.

  • Check your plant hasn’t outgrown its container

Root balls can bunch up and end up in a tight knot, restricting the flow of nutrients. Every few months lift out the plant and have a look at the roots. If they are tightly bound together, it’s time to get a bigger pot.

Most houseplants are easy-going fellows with very few demands. If you know you are particularly bad at keeping houseplants alive look for varieties that have a high tolerance for drought, cold and heat. With just a little bit of care, houseplants can provide enjoyment and a nice aesthetic for years to come.

Until next time!

Jo @ Colourfence

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