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Christmas time and crime rates are at their highest, especially home burglary. More homes are robbed in the two weeks on either side of Christmas than any other time of year. Wannabe thieves know that many houses will be full of presents for or from loved ones, making them an attractive target. Christmas gifts are a particular attraction for burglars, given that many gifts these days are both high-ticket and portable. Think electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, designer clothes, musical instruments, and jewellery. All lightweight, all easily swiped before you know it.

At ColourFence we have a range of secure garden fencing and gate options that can help reduce the likelihood of coming home to find you’ve had a burglary.

green ColourFence gate for home security prevent burglary

Prevent Burglary

A secure, lockable garden gate in place can prevent any intruders from accessing your property through the garden. All of our gates come complete with locks, with the option of upgrading to an electronic lock. They can also prevent someone from being able to see into your garden and noting anything left around such as children’s bikes or a shed full of power tools.

brown ColourFence gate for home security

For driveways, it’s always a good idea to have a gate, putting a physical and mental barrier in place. Though a gate won’t absolutely stop a burglar if there is a secure-looking gate in place, the likelihood of the homeowner having other security measures in place increases. This is a way of stating “I have secured my home in multiple ways – move along” to a potential intruder.

The addition of metal garden fencing around your home can also add security from unwanted visitors. Garden fences can act as a deterrent. ColourFence is designed so the panels are vertical, making them harder to climb (just ask any neighbourhood cat!). Any intruder would need considerable upper body strength to scale a typical 1.8-metre high ColourFence. We can even make them higher if you require. If someone else has an equally nice-looking house but an old, perhaps dilapidated fence that’s easy to climb over, whose house would you choose?

cream metal ColourFence for home security preventing burglary

We hope this provides you with some useful tips for avoiding burglary and becoming a crime statistic this festive season!

Jo at ColourFence

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